Filing bankruptcy with Michael E. Plummer & Associates is easy. And we are here to help you resolve your financial issues. We can usually include credit card debts, medical bills and high interest finance loans.

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At Michael E. Plummer & Associates, we offer affordable bankruptcy options to meet your needs. See our Fees and Court Costs and Payment Plans

While there are no limits to the number of times you can file bankruptcy, there are limits to the number of times your debts can be discharged. Learn more>

Although some cases are a little different, the basic list is relatively easy for most situations. To file, you will need… READ MORE>

Filing Bankruptcy Will Put a Temporary Stop to a Car or Truck Repossession. LEARN MORE>

Stop Collection Calls. One of the worst parts about being in financial trouble is dealing with your creditors and debt collectors. If you are being hounded by your creditors to pay money that you do not have, the anxiety can impact every area of your life. WE CAN HELP>