Stop Wage Garnishment With a Covington Lawyer

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If your wages are being garnished, you have a very real problem on your hands. You depend on earning a certain amount of money in every paycheck. If a percentage of your paycheck is being garnished, it can make a bad situation even worse. You will not have the money you need to pay your other expenses. As a result, wage garnishment can put you in an even deeper hole. In addition, if your wages are being garnished, your employer will have information about your financial situation that you may not want to be known.

For most people, wage garnishment is usually a symptom of deeper financial problems. The law firm of Michael E. Plummer & Associates offers affordable and experienced legal representation in bankruptcy to people across the Tri-State area.

Bankruptcy Will Stop a Garnishment in Its Tracks

Bankruptcy can provide both a short-term and long-term solution. In the short term, when you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay will begin. The automatic stay will force your creditors to end any attempts to collect on your debts. Bankruptcy will end garnishments, attempts to foreclose on your property, repossessions, lawsuits, liens, and phone calls and letters from debt collectors. Over the long term, if you file Chapter 7, bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start. If you file Chapter 13, bankruptcy gives you a chance to reorganize your finances. In either event, bankruptcy will give you a measure of control over your finances.