Covington Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Covington Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping Students in Greater Cincinnati and Northwest Kentucky

More and more individuals who seek bankruptcy protection have student loans. This can be an added stress when other debts are accumulating. While some debts are dischargeable and debtors are not responsible for repaying them, student loans are never dischargeable in any form of bankruptcy. There are other ways for us to restructure your student loan debt and help you move forward with your life.

College Loan Relief

While you can never completely get rid of student debt until you pay it off, you can arrange for your payments to be manageable in order for you to deal with the other debt that you may have. Whether bankruptcy is right for you or another type of debt relief would be more advantageous, our lawyers can meet with you to discuss your options.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing Can Help

Based in Covington, Kentucky, our attorneys and staff at the law firm of Michael E. Plummer & Associates, confidently handle all types of bankruptcy issues, including dealing with student loan debt. We have helped thousands of people throughout the Tri-State area file for bankruptcy and achieve debt relief. Contact us today to discuss your options for regaining control of student loans.

With a Chapter 13, student loans can be put on loan deferment for five years. This means you do not have to pay for the stated amount of time.


Chapter 13 can be a delay tool for you to use in order to get on top of your other debt so when you emerge from the Chapter 13, you can pay on your student loans. When you are protected by Chapter 13, your wages cannot be garnished and creditors cannot harass you about the student loan debt.

If your financial situation allows, you may be able to set your own payments inside of a Chapter 13 instead of paying the payment amounts set by the loan company.